Who is That Muscle Whisperer?

The secret weapon for muscles, the fix it girl, jackhammer of muscles, the digger, the muscle magician.

Among all these, Jackie is a guasha master and certified trigger point therapist who works with high school, college, and professional athletes, body builders, professionals as well as everyday people with chronic pain.  

Trigger point therapy and ‘scraping’ aka ‘guasha’, can improve flexibility, speed, jumping, arm extension and prevent injuries or relieve pain from computer use and other work or activities that involve repetitive use of muscles.

Jackie first spent fifteen years body building and muscle training with world renowned Albert Beckles.  

Later, after becoming frustrated with a medical system more concerned with profit than healing, Jackie dived into learning about ergonomics through classes and attending ergonomics conventions. She then spent 2000 hours in massage therapy training.

A honest, guasha master, life transforming healer emerged.

Jackie is certified by NAMTPT (http://www.myofascialtherapy.org) and is one of only two certified therapist in southern California.  

She continues her training by attending Trigger Point continuing education training seminars and classes.

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