Why Should I Ice?

Post-bodywork care and why its SO important.

I ice all my clients after their bodywork is done. And given instructions to continue to ice at home for the next few days.


The simple answer: Icing reduces inflammation. This is important because the body is connected, so even if just one tiny area of the body has been worked on, the surrounding area might swell too (a natural response).

“Interestingly, the same argument was addressed in 1975 by the ice-research guru, Dr. Ken Knight [1]. While inflammation is a natural and necessary phase of the healing process, the inflammatory mediators can sometimes do more harm than good. Remember that acute trauma, such as an ankle sprain, is relatively isolated to one or two ligaments; however, the inflammatory response may consume a much broader area, filling the entire lateral compartment. The inflammatory mediators may be necessary to heal the ligaments, but they can cause harm to uninjured tissues in the area.”


“But Muscle Whisperer, some people say ice is bad.”

Inflammation is a natural response, a way of making us pay attention to a certain area of our body. When you ice, blood rushes back in, ready to heal/repair. Many of the arguments against icing are about icing an injury. We are talking about icing an area I’ve already worked on. Icing a healing.

(Pssst, I can tell when you having being doing the proper aftercare- so don’t complain to me that you’re in pain when you haven’t been icing! )

Would you rather be sore for two days or bite the bullet and be cold for 15-20 minutes? The answer is easy, ICE!


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