Trauma Stores in the Body

Why You Need to do the Bodywork

If you ever seen my Instagram account or Youtube Channel, you’ll know that I heal people physically, but also offer emotional healing. Many clients experience extreme trauma release during their sessions. Memories and emotional pain that have been hiding in the muscles for years come flooding out.

Here’s just a couple reasons why:

Your brain processes thoughts and emotions differently when it is under stress.

When you get stuck, your amygdala—the primary culprit in the fight or flight response—gets really really sensitive. If you’ve ever seen a deer in the wild, you’ve seen the amygdala at work. This part of your brain screams “get out” when It feels that you are in danger. Your brain stops processing and focuses all of its energy on getting you away from danger. The memory doesn’t get fully processed and is fragmented in the brain in chunks of implicit and explicit memories. This is why sometimes a smell, the way a person touches you, or even tone of voice can trigger a trauma victim.

Untreated past trauma can effect your future health

The emotional and physical reactions it triggers can make you more prone to serious health conditions including heart attack, stroke, obesity, diabetes, and cancer, according to Harvard Medical School research.

Most people don’t know they also need bodywork.

Bodyworkers utilizing myofascial release techniques practice within the illuminating space between physical and emotional health. While developing the emotional resources to cope with a traumatic experience is best reserved for those specifically trained in verbal therapy, bodyworkers can effectively fill the gap of total health in traumatic recovery.,progressively%20erodes%20a%20body’s%20health.&text=Emotions%20are%20the%20vehicles%20the,find%20balance%20after%20a%20trauma.

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