What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About: Fascia.

Each skeletal muscle fiber has many bundles of myofilaments. Each bundle is called a myofibril. This is what gives the muscle its striated appearance. The contractile units of the cells are called sarcomeres.

In order to understand what Tha Muscle Whisperer does, you have to understand that you have fascia.

Fascia is connective tissue that surrounds and holds every part of your internal body together. Organs, bones, nerve fiber, blood vessel, and muscles. Basically, if your fascia isn’t doing well, you aren’t either.

What does fascia need to stay healthy?

Movement. Humans are meant to be moving their bodies in a variety of ways.

So whenever you have not enough physical activity in your life, fascia builds up.

Whenever you are injured (or have surgery) and aren’t able to move part of your body because of a brace, cast, etc. Fascia builds up.

This causes pain.

“I already have fascia build-up and pain. Is it too late for me?”

Nope. But you don’t need 3 months of physical therapy, six sessions at the chiropractor, or pain meds that don’t solve any problems.

You need bodywork done on the fascia. You need Tha Muscle Whisperer.

Next week you will learn all about how Jackie uses Guasha to take away your pain.


So if fascia is so important, why don’t doctors mention it more often?

Simple: it’s not profitable. In fact, in medical school dissections, it is often skipped over.

2 thoughts on “What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About: Fascia.

  1. I LOVE the fact that you’ve decided to do a blog!! Would it be possible to discuss how many sessions are generally needed to fix the fascia build up, or if it truly can be done in just one visit? Thank you again for writing this blog and sharing your wealth of knowledge with the world!!… at least the people who WANT to learn how to truly heal. Many blessings Ms Jackie


    1. Thank you! Most clients only take one session- there are occasionally exceptions to this. Keep in mind that if you get bodywork done as maintenance before there is pain or an injury, the process is a lot less painful.


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